Dr. Adan R. Penilla II


I have had the pleasure of attending several of Adan Penilla workshops, including the workshop this past summer at the national RID conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Adan is a dynamic presenter and wonderful teacher. Though the material was complex, Adan has a gift of presenting it in a way that is user friendly. Most importantly, his material is so applicable to our daily work. Dr. Penilla’s love of teaching and sharing his knowledge is evident. His audiences are engaged and energized by his presentations. I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve in the future!
Mary K Burns CI, CT

I attended the "Middle East in ASL" workshop. As a Middle Eastern and a Muslim, most of the information was familiar. I did however learn about countries that I've never heard of and most important I learned so many new signs. During lecture, we compared the Islamic signs that I've learned from signers here in Michigan and the signs that Dr. Adan presented. In fact, this was a wonderful learning experience.The signs that I've learned from Dr. Adan's workshop were very beneficial as I will use them and inform other signers what I learned.
Dr. Adan's teaching style was challenging, intriguing, and motivating. Dr. Adan presented a great amount of information that motivated the audience to think by interacting with and questioning them.
Nabilah Ali

"As a VRS interpreter, it is sometimes difficult to find the topical signs necessary. Adan's workshops ("Middle East in ASL" and "Political and Religious Leaders in ASL") provided me with the signs I need to accurately and smoothly interpret conversations about today's political situation. With solid teaching methods, class participation and a sense of humor, Adan allows students to learn in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. I would take any course he presented, and recommend his courses to everyone I can. Thanks, Adan!"
Elsa Svensson, M.Ed., LMP, NIC-M 

"This workshop was very well researched and presented. The
information was highly relevent to both Educational and Community
Interpreters. Clearly the presentor had a superb grasp of the
 Jenny Ballew, NIC, A:IE

I attended the "Middle East in ASL" workshop. Working in a high school, I have been at a loss for appropriate understanding and vocabulary regarding the Middle East and Islam. Adan has an amazingly strong understanding of the content. This workshop was thorough, gave me a clear, confident understanding of the concepts and accompanying ASL vocabulary, and provided me the tools to help lead my colleagues toward gaining some of the same understanding and vocabulary.
Adan's interactive, probing teaching style is both comforting and challenging. He at once made me feel welcome and open to dialogue. We were instructed, questioned/reviewed, and given a break to process and absorb repeatedly throughout the day. It felt so natural to learn this way, that the overwhelming amount of information we were given felt managable and attainable. Interruptions and digressions did not break his pace or deter his chain of thought; he welcomed questions as I, or others, had them.
This is truly one of the best workshops I have attended. As a person who tends to be a tad overzealous in my pursuit of CEUs, I felt this workshop was an honorable, worthwhile, and beneficial use of my time.
Erin Seipke-Brown
Lead Interpreter, Bloomfield Hills Schools - Lahser HS
B.A., MI BEI I, EIPA Elem./EIPA Sec., RID Ed:K-12

When one attends a workshop a certain expectation is set.  One expects to learn the advertised content and come away with something that will be applicable to the daily duties of an interpreter.  Adan meets and exceeds those expectations in his workshops.  Adan understands that the daily duties of an interpreter are not just definitions and signs, but an understanding of the history, background and culture that would otherwise be alien to an interpreter who has never traveled outside his own state, much less the subject's country.  You get that education, background, history, and feel like you've gotten the experience of spending time in that culture with Adan's workshops.  And attending one does not mean you've seen it all; he's constantly honing his product and adding to the next workshop from comments from the last to make the next one even better.  I hope you're able to make it.
Paul Reeck CI/CT

I have worked with Adan Penilla as a fellow interpreter and workshop presenter, and have found him to be dedicated to his craft and continual learning. He is skilled in creating clear ASL interpretations, even from material that does not easily lend itself to visual representation. Adan is attentive to his team interpreter and provides helpful feedback and support. As a workshop presenter, he is meticulous in his preparation, knowledgeable of the subject matter, and genuinely interested in the involvement and participation of the workshop attendees. 
 -Lariisa McClung, M.Ed., CI/CT, NIC-Master, SC:L, OTC, Ed K-12

Dr. Adan Penilla has taught for Community Education at Pueblo Community College offering personal interest creative writing courses for non credit. Dr. Penilla’s evaluations from students reflect his excellent instruction and professionalism through the highest of marks.
Jill Sanchez
Coordinator Community Education Training at Pueblo Community College

Adan has helped me in so any ways. It is very obvious that he is a very passionate person and that is reflected in his work and study. He has been there for me to keep me on task and not let me fall behind. I remember when I first started trying to pass one of my exams, he would drill me with questions to show me how important it is to really know the information. I have met with him several times and he is sure to keep me on my toes and that was what I needed. I always feel well prepared for the exams. With his help and encouragement, I have had the confidence boost I needed to succeed. Also, if I am having other conflicting issues, he has always been there to be understanding and go at the pace that was do-able for me.
While at the same time being supportive and being someone who I can confide in; he is there professionally. I have had the privilege of having him as a mentor and I am inspired to be as good of a mentor as he has been for me. I appreciate all of his hard work and dedication that he has spent with me over the years. Thank you!
Much appreciated,
Katie Gould
NIC- Master
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