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Dr Adan Penilla II, NAD IV, NIC, CI/CT, and SC: L
is currently employed as a VRS interpreter.
He also works at Colorado State University as an ASL instructor.  He freelance interprets for the Colorado 10th Circuit Court and the Pueblo Police Department.
He is also a mentor for the Colorado RID for court room interpreting.
Dr. Penilla was an interpreter for the American Delegation at the World  
Federation of the Deaf (Vienna 1995).
He has authored: The Middle East in ASL, Countries from around the  
World in ASL, Cities from around the World in ASL, Name Sign Properties in ASL, Quick Study Bar Charts in ASL (1st and 2nd ed.), and Signing for Dummies, 2nd edition (2012).  He has written several DVDs for Signs of Development and Sign Media.
Dr. Penilla lectures at the national, state and regional level. He speaks on topics related to ASL and English and a myriad of other subjects relate to cultural implications, linguistics, and logic.
He had the honor of presenting at the 2011 National RID Conference in Atlanta, and the 2013 National RID Conference in Indianapolis. In 2014, he will be presenting in Orlando Florida at the yearly Silent Weekend.

You can contact him at adan@aslworldmatters.com.

Need CEUs? Check out what Adan has presented: 

His work for Signs of Development includes: Around the Globe: Cities in ASL; Around the Globe:  Countries in ASL; Around the Globe: Identification Strategies; Around the Globe: Middle East and Islam.

Dr. Penilla also collaborated with Dr. Dennis Cokely on Countries Around the World.  It is available through SignMedia: http://store.signmedia.com/1922.html

You can also find his work at the Gallaudet University library: http://discovery.wrlc.org/?skin=ga&q=penilla

Signing for Dummies 2nd edition is on its way:

The laminated BarCharts you see in bookstores across the country.  Available from barcharts.com:
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